The Boss

Hey babes,

My name is Sarah and I'm the creator and owner of JamSideUp. I thought you might want to know a bit about me and the shop. So here's the short list -

  • Birthday: 11/11/1995 (I'm 25)
  • Sign: Scorprio babbyyy, but I'm a Leo Rising so = mysteriously fun n flirty?
  • Favorite Hobby: Napping
  • Favorite Color: Dark Green but I like to wear BLACK (the color of my soul)
  • Animals: Yes to all of them. But I have a rescue pup named Willabee who is the actual love of my life.
  • Song That Most Describes Me: "How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria" from The Sound of Music.


Alright, so what does JamSideUp even mean?

JamSideUp is a phrase my mother uses to describe me. It's another way of describing a person that always has a way of landing on their feet. So, if you were putting jam on your bread and dropped it on the floor, it would land with the jam side up. Meaning you can totally still eat it. Don't act like you wouldn't - the 5 second rule absolutely applies. 


Why am I selling this sh*it?

Well, I would like to describe my personal style as "Effortlessly Lazy" - some might even say hobochic? So, for me, it made the most sense that I would be putting things into the world that are so comfy you can nap in them. The creations you see come from me. I create what I feel is fun and cool and funny. The bottom line is that I want people to feel like they are themselves. You don't have to look or be different than you are. You get to be absolutely yourself and I think that's very powerful in the world today.